Specter Capital through its operating partner has acquired Rocco Originals. Rocco Originals has been a player in the eyewear industry for over 27 years. The company has been working major retail department stores and specialty boutiques, providing the latest fashion and technological advances in the optical arena. Specter Capital will be seeking add on acquisitions for this platform.
Specter Capital has made an equity investment into WestStar Royalties LLC. WestStar Royalties LLC buys oil and gas mineral rights, royalties, and overrides in the United States. It buys leased, un-leased, producing, and non-producing mineral rights, royalties, and overriding interests. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Dallas Texas.
Valeo Beauty is a global leader in the distribution of cosmetics. We offer innovative products & solutions in the fields of professional and retail sectors. We ensure our products are most innovative and exclusive and of the highest quality.
AGS Labs develops, manufactures and distributes Over The Counter (OTC) production of NBE Private Label Products focused on Cough and Cold, Electrolytes, Gastrointestinal, Vitamins, Analgesics in both liquid and powder form.
Karora is an award winning custom colour skinwear collection that’s suitable for any occasion, benefits the skin and smells divine. Bask in gorgeous, golden radiance with our skin-perfecting glow-getters that transform from the everyday to beautifully bronzed.
Marcus York is a mens skin care and lifestyle brand formulated from the very finest ingredients. Many, like plant extracts, herbs and healing botanicals come from time-tested natural remedies. The product line is a B2C company which plans to expand into a national brand by offering the highest quality products.
Specter Capital is a founding shareholder in this venture and suppling the venture capital for start up.
Specter Capital was a founding shareholder in Vantage Brands. Vantage provide chemicals and raw materials used in products ranging from Dietary Supplements to Over the Counter Medicines. The primary market was the Dietary Supplements , Vantage would source raw materials from around the world and import to its facility in Dallas Texas. With over 100 stocked raw materials , Vantage established itself as a leader within the import business of raw materials. Specter exited its investment in 2012.
ProCore Pharma is a state of the art contract manufacturer founded in 2006 and located in Coppell, Texas. The facility is reregistered with the FDA to product OTC Drugs – Dietary Supplements – Cosmetics and food products. With its impressive 14 filling lines, the facility can produce over 100,000 units per day of Bottles – Jars – Tubes and Pouches.
Specter Capital was a founding shareholder of Procore Pharma in 2006 and exited its investment in 2014.
Specter Capital and selected partners acquired the TESS ( Teen Everyday Skincare System ) in 2008. TESS the First prestige skincare system created exclusively to meet the needs of teens. TESS was created by caring , entrepreneurial moms and their teenage daughters with the input of teen girls across the nations. TESS products are formulated with the purest , most natural fruit and botanical extracts , essentails oils, vitamins to cleanse, tone , moisturize and protect teenage skin. Specter Capital was able to move manufacturing of the product line to a state of the art manufacturing plant , increase advertising and increase distribution to 6,000 retail locations.
Specter Capital exited the investment in 2012.
Specter Capital acquired the Spa Solutions Product line in 2005. Spa Solutions sold a wide range of unique spa products through the grocery store and beauty supply stores. Product lines were inspired by the needs of consuming public and provided a way to deliver an indulging spa experience more quickely. This treatment contains essential oils , natural aromas , sea salts and is a specially designed blend to create optimum exfoliation for hands feet and body. Spa Solutions had a 15 different product lines sold in grocery stores and beauty supply stores across the United States.
Specter Capital exited its investment in 2008 with a six fold return on it’s investment.
Specter Capital acquired the Spyroflex Wound Dressing business in 2002. Spyroflex products where the world’s only Spyrosorbent Membrane Bandage of its kind. The Intelligent Dressings used advanced moist wound care technology that allowed the dressings to breathe. Spyroflex dressings extended the wear time of dressings up to 7 days and elimated costly bandage changes. The dressings were water resistant and stayed on in the shower. Specter Capital investment allowed the product line to get mass distribution to the outdoor sports market as well as leading nation Drug Chains and Mass Market Accounts.
Specter Capital exited its investment in 2008 with a 10 fold return on its investment.
Specter Capital acquired Nuvo Bronz product line in 2004. Nuvo Bronz was an International line of indoor tanning products sold exclusively to Tanning Salon professionals. Nuvo Bronz specialized formulation delivered superior results with advance bronzing systems and advanced skincare ingredients. Nuvo Bronz was sold across the United States and Europe.
Specter Capital exited its investment in 2008 with an 8 fold return on its investment.
Aloe Gator Suncare Company is engaged in the development , production and marketing of advanced sunacre products. The products are sold to a broad spectrum of mass market retail accounts including drug , discount , sporting goods , supermarkets and distributors. Aloe Gator Suncare is an industry technology innovator with major product breakthroughs. First Paba Free SPF rating above SPF First Eight Hour invisible water proof sunblock First complete line of PABA FREE sunscreens products with SPF rating above SPF 15 First SPF 40 PABA FREE , 8 hour water proof product.
Specter Capital was an original shareholder of the product line acquisition in 1988.
Specter Capital was an early investor in Houston based Petro Linque Inc. Petro Linque was an independent Oil and Natural Gas Company with production in Young County Texas and Coleman County Texas.
Specter Capital had a fivefold return on its investment and exited its investment in 1988.
Specter Capital was an early investor in Houston based Petro Linque Inc. Petro Linque was an independent Oil and Natural Gas Company with production in Young County Texas and Coleman County Texas.
Specter Capital had a fivefold return on its investment and exited its investment in 1988.
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